Rehab-for-Resale Program Profiled

Our pilot Rehab-for-Resale program was described in the “Riverside Rebirth” article in The Heinz Endowments magazine (page 11). This program, a market-stabilization strategy, was provided through a partnership of Heinz Endowments, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, the URA, and the Hazelwood Initiative. The first house sold recently to a longtime Hazelwood resident.

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Providing Free Home Repairs

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh delivers no-cost home repairs to low-income seniors in Allegheny County.  Our work is critical in Repairing Homes, Improving Lives, and Stabilizing Communities.

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We repair the homes and lives of more than 100 families each year with the help of generous individuals who volunteer their time – but we can always use another set of hands!

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Home repairs are expensive, especially for seniors struggling with rising medical, utility, and grocery bills while living on a fixed income. Help us provide them with the critical repairs they need to stay safe.

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