The purpose of Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh is to create safer and healthier homes for residents and contribute to community stabilization and revitalization. This is accomplished through three primary programs.
Core Home Repair
RTP provides critical home repairs to eligible residents. The condition of each home varies, but all contain health and safety issues that the homeowners are not able to mitigate on their own. Typical work scopes include repairing or replacing: 1) roofs to stop leaks and ensuing interior damage/mold growth; 2) faulty electrical systems to reduce fire and tripping hazards; 3) plumbing problems to improve sanitary conditions; 4) flooring to improve air quality and reduce tripping hazards; 5) patching and painting to improve cleanliness and air quality and mitigate mold; and 6) weatherization techniques to reduces drafts and lower utility costs.
RTP works closely with other nonprofits in each community served. When these partners acquire vacant homes, RTP completely rehabilitates them and creates a safe and healthy home. The community partner then sells the home, thereby reducing neighborhood blight and providing an avenue for low- to moderate-income families to become homeowners.
Jobs First
RTP provides community residents with valuable work experience while contributing to the repair and renovation of homes for low-income homeowners in their own community. Each participant works as part of an RTP construction crew. Under the leadership of at least one full-time RTP Site Supervisor, participants serve as laborers on home repair projects and learn skills including drywall and plaster repair, flooring installation, painting, and landscaping. Each participant in RTP’s Jobs First Program is paid for an average of 24 hours per week, to a maximum of 500 hours total.