Our ability to stay safe at home is largely dependent on the quality of our housing.
Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh delivers home repairs to our neighbors who need it most.

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RTP recently wrapped up work in Enright Court, where we were able to rebuild the back of a Senior's home to help
keep her and her grandchildren dry, safe, and warm.


Every donation makes a difference! Our average per home investment for materials and contracted labor is $23,000, but a contribution at any level can have a significant impact on the health and safety of our neighbors.

Common Health and Safety Repair Costs

$10 Caulk a Tub or Shower surround to fill cracks and prevent water from leaving the tub or shower. Water infiltration can lead to costly structural damage and mold growth.  Mold produces allergens, irritants, and sometimes toxins that can have adverse health effects on humans, especially in those with upper respiratory issues. Infectious diseases from molds can occur in those who are immune compromised/suppressed.

$20 Furnish a Fire Extinguisher, a small but important part of a comprehensive home fire safety plan. Fire extinguishers can help save lives and protect property by putting out small fires before fire fighters arrive. Older adults have a 2.7 times greater risk of experiencing fatal injuries from a fire relative to the rest of the population.

$30 Install Grab Bars in a bathroom to prevent slips and falls in the tub or shower. Approximately 3 million older adults are hospitalized for their injuries from slips and falls each year, many of which are preventable with proper safety measures, like installing grab bars.

$50 Provides a New Front Door Lockset with lever handle to help improve the homes security and ease of use for older adults. A doorknob requires a tight grasp and the ability to twist, a lever only requires the user to push down or apply some pressure to open the door.

$75 Install CO Detectors on every level to alert residents to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in the home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which can cause flu-like symptoms, disorientation, confusion, and even death. CO poisoning is entirely preventable, but still 50,000 Americans visit a hospital each year to treat its effects.

$100 Install a Glass Block Window in a basement. Glass block windows eliminate the risk of air leakages and enhance heat control. Along with these energy efficiency advantages, they offer greater security.

$250 Clean and Tune a Furnace with a certified inspection to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. A furnace can produce deadly levels of carbon monoxide if not properly maintained.

$500 Remove Carpet and Install Vinyl Plank Flooring in one room, increasing mobility and accessibility for wheelchairs and older and disabled adults who may need to use mobility devices to navigate through the home. Old carpet can also contain harmful chemicals banned from more recent production, but also trap harmful allergens and toxins that can cause serious respiratory issues.

$1000 Install a New Hot Water Heater to help keep our neighbors warm and safe during cold Pittsburgh winters!  Hot water heaters are recommended to be replaced every 10 years and is a significant expense for many low-income homeowners. Newer hot water heaters also provide higher levels of efficiency, resulting in lower utility costs.


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mail to 7800 Susquehanna Street, Pittsburgh PA 15208

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