Our Year in Review

Happy New Year!
At Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh (RTP), we believe everyone deserves a safe and healthy home.
Volunteers building Dewyne's new retaining wall
Dewyne in front of his home
Dewayne's newly finished retaining wall
Your generous support in 2017 means 116 more homeowners now live in a safer and healthier home.Thank you for giving the gift of comfort and safety to neighbors in need in 2017!
We home that as you embark on a new year, you and those you love are safe and healthy as well.

2017 marked RTP's 25th anniversary! Reaching such a monumental milestone of serving homeowners in need, we find ourselves celebrating, reflecting and making goals for the years ahead.

In 25 years, we've improved the living conditions of over 2,500 homeowners and their families. For many of these homeowners, these repairs enable them to remain in their homes much longer than they may otherwise, like Dewyne.

"What you all did was Fantastic! I could never have done that wall. And now no water has come into my home. These improvements will keep us here that much longer."


Military Veteran, Dewyne purchased his first home in 2009 with the desire to make a safe place for him nad his 12 year old daughter to live. Like many homes in Pittsburgh, its backyard is a hillside. Every time it rained hard, water entered the house. With funding through a new source that covers larger repair budgets, we built a retaining wall to secure the hillside and the home from future rains.
Dewyne's appreciation reminds us that the work you make possible helps people and their families build and maintain investments for their families. Knowing that Dewyne can one day give this home to his daughter brings him and us so much joy.

In 2017, our program and capacity grew substantially with new funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh. Homews that were previously too costly to repair were now met with our whole home approach from roof to basement. Now we can deliver home repairs on a larger scale to more homeowners like Dewyne. We're excited that the Federal Home Loan Bank has agreed to fund $1.5 million in grants to continue this extensive home repair work in Hazelwood, the Hill District, the Hill Top communities, and Homewood, bringing greater value to our homeowners.