At Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh we believe everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home.
With a staff of nearly 20, we complete more than 150 physical rehabilitation projects a year for low-income homeowners in Allegheny County.
Our programs stem from four business lines: Core Repair, Rehab for Resale, and Safe & Healthy Homes.
Core Home Repair
Much of our work is focused on three “Impact Neighborhood’s”— Hazelwood, Homewood, and The Hill District. Here we leverage government, corporate and philanthropic investments with volunteer labor to complete dozens of home repairs for qualifying low-income homeowners in a tight geographic area. This focus frequently leads to additional improvements by adjacent homeowners. Taken together, these improvements change the nature of entire blocks that have a significant positive impact on housing values, creating new homeowner equity—often for the first time in a generation.

Rehab for Resale
Our ability to affordably rehabilitate homes is extended to vacant, dilapidated properties through our Rehab for Resale (R4R) program. Local partners buy and hold properties that RTP rehabilitates using our well-honed ability to bring significant savings to the work. Additional partners canvas the neighborhood to build a pipeline of local renters who are ready to be first-time homebuyers. The program aims to produce affordable homeowner housing while providing a modest return to RTP that can be reinvested in additional projects.
Safe & Healthy Homes
At once our oldest and newest program, Safe & Healthy Homes provides free home repair to seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. While these projects often lack the benefits that scale provides in impact neighborhoods, they provide critical health and safety improvements to the most vulnerable homeowners. Starting in 2017, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh is increasing our focus on improving indoor air quality and remedying other issues that can negatively impact health and safety in the home.